Branding Package: Fusion Dental Lab

1.  The Image

Steve and Gary have been in the dental industry for over 20 years, and wanted to update their look and attract more local clients. Working directly with dentists, most of their marketing is one on one with the Doctors ordering the pieces Fusion Dental creates.  You will see below some of the iterations we went through for their icon, finding the one that felt just right to the owners of Fusion Dental. I first work in only black and gray so my clients can focus fully on the shapes within the icon and not get distracted by text or colors.

2.  The Layout & Colors

Once the strong icon had been selected, it was quick work for these gentleman to select a font. We wanted something easy to read, that would compliment the icon and not steal the show.

Lastly, for the logo, we discussed a color palette that would be calming (ok blue… the guys both liked blue!) and also had a complimentary color that could be used as an accent.

3.  The Implementation

For their final branding guide, I created variations of their logo for use in black and white, single color application, reverse, and for print and web.
The icon even makes a nice watermark on the custom photography they had taken of the lab for their site!

This full scale type of project is my very favorite, helping them craft a look and feel for every touchpoint for their clients. They are now having their logo etched on the boxes they deliver the pieces in. It’s fun for me to see how confident they are in their new brand, wanting to put it everywhere! It has breathed new life into their business. Check em out at Fusion Dental!

Inital Comps
Oh the choices!

Great Choice!
Let’s look at layout possibilities.

We’re in the home stretch,
color choices are fun!

Final Branding Guide
will help you in logo applications.

I wasn’t the easiest client to work with as I was slow to respond with information you needed from me, but throughout it all you were very professional and patient with me and in the end, we came up with a good result, Thanks!

~ S.M.

Owner, Fusion Dental Lab

" Beautiful, Thanks!!! "

Even once this project was closed, I’m just an email away for help applying their new logo. They needed a one color version of the logo to be applied to boxes for delivery of their products, I’m happy to help to keep your brand consistant!