Feb, 2017


“Im going to spend a year and find myself”

Sometimes I want to make fun of those young ones that want to go wonder the world, explore new places and escape from responsibility for a year. A year of transition, a gap year as it were. Oh but inside I’m jealous.

What would I look like if I were “more myself”? More authentic, more true.

Even though I may not have achieved this perfection, I have taken the last few months to re-do the site you see before you.

My previous identity as Pixel Ranch Studio

More of a country flavor to attact the Equine Industry

Here is a screen shot of my old site. It’s… ok, definatly needed a update. But the biggest change is in how I present myself.

I had thought when I created Pixel Ranch Studio, that I needed to present myself as an entity, using “we” in the verbage, inflating myself to bigger than I really am.

“The Royal We”

It was not reality, and I really don’t have a desire to bring on employees or become an agency. I enjoy the freedom this freelance life affords me.

So I decided it was time to be authentic. Tell it like it is. Just me, my goofy big hearted self. Giving my clients my very best with each project. This whole hearted business approach makes me happy!!

Tell me, is there room to be more authentic with your business? What would that look like? What would that feel like?


“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”      ― Brené Brown,

Along with this sense of wanting to be real, I will begin to blog! I’m not even sure what about at this point! I will do my best to bring content that will be helpful, uplifting, and encouraging. What would you like to hear about?

I’d love to hear your two cents.
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