April, 2017


Vicki Robinson

Vicki Robinson

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Sooo, a new web site sounds like a good idea, and you want to start planing!

Good Move!

Your service based business is up and running and now you need a place online to expand and make your brand known. Your ready for a new look, and a new site is definitely a part of that. Coming up with content for your site can be daunting, so I want to help you begin to think through what you want to say.

I’ve created this starter content planner just for you!

The most basic site plan would be nothing more than a simple outline. Notes, fully written text, images, and more can be added to make it more robust. I usually recommend adding as much information as possible into your plan which can result in your site plan being a robust document or binder.

This plan will be invaluable whether your creating the website yourself or if you plan on having someone build the website for you. When you pay someone to build your site, they will often be working on an package hourly basis, so having a complete site plan can save you a ton of money and dramatically speed up the project.

Whether you have just a thought or a lot of your content already written; this little workbook will assist you in planning what information to use, and where it might go.

This brainstorm activity will get you on the right track of uncovering the content that will entice your visitors to follow through to your call to action.

With your site plan complete along with your research on your target audience and a clarified purpose and message for your website, you will have nearly everything necessary to hand your project to someone else to build or to start building the site yourself. All the important questions will already be answered which will ultimately result in a project that is completed much more quickly and at potentially a lower cost.

Get Started HERE!

Have fun with it, and let me know how it goes!


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