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My Tools of the Trade

  • Illustrator – vector work, this is my prime tool
  • Photoshop – photo editing
  • InDesign – multi-page layouts
  • WordPress – my site builder of choice
  • Elegant Themes – DIVI the tool I use with WordPress
  • Sketch – web assets & wireframes
  • my trusty sketchbook – where logo marks begin
  • UI – make ’em smile on the way
  • Slack – communication with the team is key
  • GSuite – email, drive, chat, I’m a google fan 😉
  • Basecamp – project management
  • Asana – project management and team communication
  • YNAB – personal finance
  • EveryDollar – personal finance
  • AndCo – biz accounting, remote work time management
  • 65+ clients served 100% 100%
  • 8 non-profits helped 75% 75%
  • 4,800 web ads created 50% 50%

Thanks for taking the time to check out the page I’ve built just for Freshy! (love the name by the way!)

In here I hope to show you a taste of who I am personally, professionally, and what I bring to the table to be part of your team as a graphic and web designer. I was happy to see you use Divi as a base for the sites you build… that’s what I have been using for the last four years for my clients!

I love what I do, and I enjoy the excited co-creators I get to work with. I say co-creators because I don’t work in a box. Even though I have been a solopreneur for the last 5 years I consider each one of my clients a co-creator, working collaboratively. We work together to discover the best solution to solve whatever pain point we’re working to tackle. My clients have some ownership, excited to move forward, and have a passion for what they do.   It’s synergy! And that’s yummy!  

It feels similar to the feelings I get looking at your site and how you walk your clients through the process. I love the after support you have in videos and resources to help them feel comfortable with their new site. It’s what I try to do, but on a bigger scale! WIN!!

Most recently my focus has been working with other studios and agencies.
I chose this path to have the opportunity to have a change of pace from strictly client work and to serve other creatives. I love being part of a team. (Ya know it gets lonely sometimes up in here!)

Working with FreshySites sounds like it would make a fantastic next step!

Let’s see what else?
My beliefs on how design should be done, and why it’s important?

I believe visual design starts with a foundation of intent listening. Listen to the client or art director, or marketing team member first! Don’t start generating ideas until you have the full scope and purpose of the project. Hear all they have to share, pull out more info with specific questions, then you can start mulling over a plan and invite them into that process.
Why it’s important? I wanna say – DUH!?!  ok ok,  But seriously, in short, design shapes our connection with a brand. Visual Design creates a fluid (or frightful) experience with a product or service whether it be online or in print.

And now for the lists of work and school stuff.

Or just skip ahead to…

Design by Vicki
Art Director/ Freelance Visual Designer  •  Bellingham, WA

•Interactive design process discussing goals, challenges, and deadlines with clients of various service industries
• Marketing ideas that match their brand guidelines and user research on their target market.
• Top notch customer service and great attention to detail. I don’t leave my clients hanging with questions on how to use the assets I’ve created for them. Need a different file of your logo? I’m here to help – anytime, I strive to be very responsive to their needs while keeping balance as a business owner.
• Client file management is paramount as I’m kinda a organizational freak. In a good way 😉
• User Interface Design to make their experience the best it can be, custom logos, brochures, bus ads, business cards and banners for identity packages to name a few.

2013 – Today
Art Director  •  Lynden, WA
Coporate identity design for both Capstone Physical Therapy and landing pages for the Lynden Chamber of Commerce was the majority of work that I have done for Teradominion. Time management was key in this position.
1250 Media
Graphic Designer/ Account Executive  •  Napa, CA
I wore several hats for 1250Media, one as a print designer: I produce fliers, business cards, posters, and other print collateral as needed. Wearing my Account Executive hat for prospective clients I oer test drive
sessions to showcase the power and ease of use of 1250’s proprietary Impulse Content Management System (CMS). I help new clients get familiar with their
new content management system with a thorough online screen-share training session. I also help QA sites before they launch, and take care of additional edits once they are up and running. Test drive sessions with potential clients to showcase the power and ease of
use of their proprietary Impulse Content Management System, and thorough training sessions for new clients just entering into the wonderful world of the
Impulse CMS.
2009 -2012
Owner & Massage Therapist  •  American Canyon, CA
Yes, I took a break from design and followed a love of healing arts. This unique business provided an unusual service by offering massage and childcare to local moms in a loving home atmosphere.

As the business owner I, also created various forms of web and print marketing assets of course! I was my own best client!

Villagio Inn & Spa • Yountville CA
Massage Therapist – 2002 to 2006
Catering to mostly vacationing crowd where customer service is paramount. Also as a natural encourager/ problem solver, I resolved scheduling issues as well.

2006 -2009
Huffman Communications
Associate Art Director  • Napa, CA
Print design and production including annual reports, trade show materials, advertisements, brochures, and complete business communication packages.

There is more work history prior to this, I have freelanced since 93′ off and on. I don’t want to bore you, so If you want more ancient history, just ask. 😉

Pacific Union College
Graphic Design Major
Specialized courses: Marketing, Media Law & Ethics, Digital Photo Imaging, Pre-Press and Press Technology, Beginning Spanish and Psychology.
Spokane Falls Community College
A.A.S. Graphic Design
Specialized courses: Typography, Advanced Production, Advertising Design, Problem Solving, Photography, and Illustration classes.
Calistoga School of Massage
Certified Massage Therapist
Received 100 hours of instruction from Dr. Steven Ticen and his staff on anatomy and massage techniques. I was said to be a natural feeling the tight spots of my subjects and owing through the massage was fairly easy for me.  My massage speaks for itself, years of experience has been my best instructor.
1997 & 2001

My work


Sage Method : Corporate Branding

The founder of the consulting firm had created a simple website and logo (IN WORD-oh my word) when they first started out. They saught my help when it was time for an upgrade to a fully realized  professional branding package.

Fusion Dental : Branding & Web

Fusion dental lab was established in 1980 and their branding said as much. The team came to be wanting an update and a website that they could update themselves. We accomplished both, and now they are moving their business forward with new marketing. It’s so rewarding to see my clients grow.

Faithlife : Monthly Ads

Faithlife Corporation is a large (450+ employee strong) tech company who publishes and creates electronic tools and resources for Bible study. I have been a contractor for them for the last to years. Every month I create 250+ ads for their various products over various platforms.

Revere : Design Studio

Revere is a branding and design studio out of Vancouver, WA that I have the privilege of doing some work for as a sub-contractor. They are a talented group, that I dig collaborating with.

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