April, 2017


“Just use whatever…”

Why hire a professional photographer for your website?

A great website is your best marketing tool and with so many websites out there it is important that your website stand out. Using “just whatever” when it comes to photos for your website isn’t the best idea.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is with professional photography for product shots (of course), head shots, and even location shots of your place of business. Quality images by professional photographers will impress potential clients and will help you stand out from your competitor websites.

Not only that, but seeing the actual you gives authenticity! Remember of our goals is to be authentic in our business, so why not let your potential clients and customers see the real you? If you own a service station, let us see photos of you, and your crew, hard at work. If your a life coach, lets see a head shot set in the place you like to have client meetings, or where you find inspiration.

Product photography seems like a no brainier, to hire a pro, but when your business is service based, you’re selling yourself. So, put on your best self talk, find a reason to smile, and hire a photographer that you can connect and pulls the real you out of your shell.
You got this!

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”  ~ Ansel Adams

Along with this sense of wanting to be real, I will begin to blog! I’m not even sure what about at this point! I will do my best to bring content that will be helpful, uplifting, and encouraging. What would you like to hear about?