Printed Marketing: Bright Outlook Window Cleaning

1.  The Need

Scott and Riley, the father/ son owners of Bright Outlook Window cleaning, came to me wanting a brochure to showcase their “Friendly, Family-Owned, Professional” services.  This duo has truly been a joy to work with, and watch them grow over the last three years. They already had a logo that they had on their trucks, hats and shirts. They even had a nice looking web site with professional photos!

2.  The Results

When we met they really wanted a brochure that tied together the branding that had already been set in motion. Our relationship has blossomed into friendship, and several subsequent projects. We’ve done postcards, event flyers, and custom envelopes that all are strongly branded. There is no mistaking when you get a Bright Outlook postcard in the mail!

This father-son duo always comes to a meeting with ideas and enthusiasm.  Scott and Riley have hearts of gold that show through to how they treat their clients AND vendors!

And hey if you want a clear view to the world around you… give them a call! 

~ Scott

Owner, Bright Outlook Window Cleaning

" It's right on Vicki, as usual "

We continue to create new pieces, drawing in new customers with their consistent branding. Consistency makes me HAPPY  ?