Faithlife Corporation : Web Ad Production

1.  The Process

I’ve included Faithlife in my portfolio for YNAB to show you the raw production power I can have. It’s not glamours design work by any means, the designs are already set by the art department, but creating 250+ ads every single month for a couple years has to say something!   (somethin’ good I think!) 

2.  The Tech

For these ads I use a powerful little application called Sketch. For exporting .png files fast, its AMAZING! A lot less clunky than using Illustrator would be. I also use Photoshop to edit the book images as needed for the ads. 

Vicki is reliable, flexible, and adapts quickly to using new technology and programs that help optimize her workflow. She has been and continues to be integral to the shipping of Faithlife’s ongoing promotions. She understands the importance of deadlines, stays in close communication throughout projects, and is always willing to go the extra mile and make that last fix to ensure the promotion ships on-brand, typo-free, and properly optimized for delivery.

~ Anna Fejes

Project Coordinator, Faithlife

I have had the great pleasure with working with Vicki who contracted for Faithlife to produce design work for almost 2 years. Vicki is a hardworking, dedicated and talented designer who consistently meets deadlines. She genuinely cares about the work and the client(s) she is working for. I appreciate her skill in design, wiliness to learn new technology/techniques and ability to collaborate with others to produce excellent work. Vicki’s contribution to the Faithlife team continues to be a tremendous help in our overall workflow.

~ Tara Everett

Design Team Lead, Faithlife