Corporate Branding : The Sage Method

1.  The Image

Sage Method was growing to the point that they were ready for a new look. The founders had created a logo to get themselves started. They saught me out when they were ready for an upgrade. We started with the logo mark.

In an interview with intent listening to their needs and wants and whom they wanted to attract, they required a corporate look and feel with a feminine edge. Not pink and fluffy, just a bit more approachable than the cold corporations that were their competitors.

Check em out at Sage Method

2.  The Assets

Sage also wanted a “sister” logo for Sage Consortium, a group of business partners who would be under the Sage umbrella. This mark would have the Sage flavor but still, stand on its own.

Over several months we created both logos, business cards, a flowchart and wireframe to establish the website, a event postcard, selected photos for future blog posts, social media cover images and profile pics. Down the road I also provided some tech support moving their site to a new host, and connected with their CRM.

The progression of this logo was really satisfying and fun for me. To find a mark that had the simple elegance of connection and powerful statement they were looking for was a wondrous task. 

As you can see, in the end they chose the stylized S mark as a foundation of their brand. This shape flows through everything their future clients see.

Vicki was commissioned to help our management consulting firm find our brand and establish a website. She came prepared with options and really help our messaging find a visual appeal. We were very pleased with the results.

Vicki, I will definitely recommend  your services!

~ Cari

President & CEO, The Sage Method