Branding Package: True Global Health

1. The Need

Scott is going gangbusters in his “water business”!

He needed a branding package that expressed his passion for helping people worldwide discover better health with the help of alkaline water.

I started the project with Scott at a local coffee shop, listening to his passion, taking notes as he spoke from his heart sharing stories of people coming off medications, and finding a new lease on life. We brainstormed names together, and he landed on

True Global Health.

2. A Solution is Born

Upon sharing my first round of comps with Scott he was able to articulate what he liked, and disliked about each option. (It’s so fun to work with visual people!)

For round two, he wanted to see a couple of the images I had (one of a globe with a water drop and one of a tree of life) re-worked into one unit.

He was captivated by how many meanings we could incorporate together. His love of God, growth of people, and the water that changed so many lives.

Vicki helped me design a logo for my business.
The process took a couple different steps as well as phone calls and meetings to come up with the final logo.  The whole process was fun and at the same time, Vicki was very professional.

The end product surpassed my expectations and for that I am extremely grateful!

~ Scott Duffey.

Owner & Educator, True Global Health

" Looks awesome Vicki! You are amazing! "

Scott requested a PH scale on his cards, as this goes with his face to face demostrations he gives of the water processing machine! I was able to take his own brands colors and use them here. It was a powerful way to stay congruent! SO FUN!