Media Package: Whatcom Prevention Coalition

Making a Difference!

The Goal: To lessen the Stigma of Suicide by providing resources to youth and adults.

The Solution: Ideal Icon, print materials, social media images, and a video to share!

The Whatcom Prevention Coalition spearheaded a project on suicide prevention with the Department of Social & Health Services and The Whatcom Family & Community Network. I had the privilage of spearheading this campain by:
• art director of video spot
•  designed event logo
• wrote and designed the brochure and posters

This was and extensive project that started out as a brochure. Then as we talked and dreamed of ways we could help the Whatcom Prevention Coalition spread awareness about suicide in our community it quickly expanded. I helped them dile in on what content would be most helpful in a brochure, then I designed two posters to go with it, one to be distrbuted to the schools, and one to share with parents at events on health of our kids.

Having two kids of my own who have seen their share of struggles, this project was near and dear to my heart. I appriciated knowing that there is a large group of community members coming together to help us help our kids.

~ Vicki

Mom to Cherie & Andrew

"Making a Difference"

Is really what it’s all about for me.