What is Branding?


MAY, 2017


BRANDING is one of those words in my circle of creatives that gets used a LOT! (guilty as charged!)  But what is it exactly?

Is it that hot metal iron placed on your backside, a tattoo on your shoulder? Is it just a word that says the name of your business in Bold Italic?  I thought I might bring it up for conversation. From what I’ve been reading it’s used differently in different circles. So, here I’ll give you my perspective, as a designer.

Years ago branding was defined as a name, slogan, and symbol that identify products or services of a company. The brand was identified by these items, and made it stand apart from it’s competitors. Today brand is a bit more complex, and even more important I believe.


Branding is all about being memorable to your ideal client. It keeps your business at the top of their mind, ready to access, when they have a need for your services. Your name and image will also appear when a referral opportunity comes up. We all know how valuable (and free) that word-of-mouth advertising is!

Branding is the sum of all the things you will do to accomplish claiming that space in your client’s mind! Touchpoints.

Here are some goals to keep in mind:

  • Clear message, target to your ideal client
  • Reflects your values shows proof of trustworthiness
  • Emotionally connects to your ideal client (Expressive and Authentic)
  • Incentive to purchase and spread the word
  • They become loyal because of the connection they feel


Think of branding as the expression of who you are as a person and how that reflects in your business.

As we move through the branding process you will be able to articulate the following through your brand:

  • Show what sets you apart
  • Know your business’s role in the the market
  • Know your ideal client
  • Know what kinds of visual elements will help convey your brand’s values, promise, vision and mission.
  • Pinpoint consumers perceptions of your brand, and adjust your strategy to enhance the positive and renovate the negative.


As I see it, branding is not just a perk or a landmark to hit down the road. It’s a necessity because you want to charge what you know your services are actually worth, you want to save time and money on marketing, and experience the level of professional success that will afford you the personal lifestyle you desire.

If you’re ready to learn more about the branding process and what it can do for you and your service based business, let’s schedule a time to chat. I’d be happy to guide you through this fun process!

~ Vicki

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

– Seth Godin